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mimium(MInimal-Musical-medIUM) is a domain specific programming language for describing/generating sound and music.

With this language, you can write a low-level audio processing with an easy expression and high-performance powered by LLVM.

fn lpf(input:float,fb:float){    
    return (1-fb)*input + fb*self

A special keyword self can be used in function, which is a last return value of the function. This enables an easy and clean expression of feedback connection of signal chain, inspired by Faust.

you can also write a note-level processing by using a temporal recursion, inspired by Extempore.

fn noteloop()->void{
    freq =  (freq+1200)%4000
    noteloop()@(now + 48000)

Calling function with @ specifies the time when the function will be executed. An event scheduling for this mechanism is driven by a clock from an audio driver thus have a sample-accuracy.

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Overall structure, C++ coding style and guideline for compiler&runtime development.


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